Prints, negatives, documents, video, and audio can be digitized,

securely backed up, and shared when needed.

Daniel is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and specializes in handling these materials. When possible, services are scheduled and conveniently performed on-site, such as at your home or office. 

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Historic materials and media can be challenging to save. In some cases, like videotapes and DVDs, a few decades can go by and the media stops working altogether with no way to recover it. Negatives and movie film can become brittle to the touch and break apart. Sometimes there are so many items that sorting the boxes can feel overwhelming. To add stress, there are few local experts anymore that digitize materials and naturally, this can force people to send their personal materials away to online services or travel inconvenient distances themselves for a specialized shop.

It's for that reason that I built my on-site archiving business so I can bring as many transfer services directly to you as possible. I schedule a time to meet at your residence or office and bring my tools, staff, and mobile office with me. My clients value professional handling of their memories, beautiful image quality, and efficient service. My goal is to keep digitizing and archiving simple while reducing the risk of how long these items are out of your hands. If some of your materials do require special care or must be sent away, I'll propose a plan and build your confidence for along the way.

Once my work is completed many customers want their files uploaded to their own cloud service such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. I recommend this option as it allows for easy viewing on a smartphone or tablet as well as easy organizing and private sharing for the people you choose. If the cloud isn't for you, that's okay, I'll get you a USB drive or tailor a method that you are more comfortable with. Because transition isn't always comfortable, I'm dedicated to support my clients even after the work is done.

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