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¹The deposit is a minimum order fee for each scheduled day onsite and will be credited towards services when applicable.
² Orders within approximately 30 miles of Grand Rapids, MI are considered local.

Legacy Archiving and Estate Management 

My business uniquely provides services to estates and individuals who value entire collections of physical memories, but feel overwhelmed by the volume of materials to digitize.

These collections grew over generations and are then passed down to willing or well-intentioned family members, but the mental load of accepting the boxes to store, along with the desire to sort everything first, leads to more indecision and years of frustration, all while the materials degrade and become forgotten.

I want to solve this problem for my clients by building a private, online library of their collection. All the beneficiaries involved are then given access which allows them to learn, tell stories to each other, and embrace their heritage. 

Schedule a free estimate and I'll work with you to build a custom plan for your collection with the hope to make this process as effortless as possible for you and your family.

Standard Pricing for Small Projects

Picture and Document Scanning Starting Rate

Flexible Prints 2x3in up to 8.5x14in



Common Film, Negatives, or Slides



Scrapbook or Photo Album


per page

Scans up to 8x10in



Scans up to 20x24in


Video, Audio, and Data Transfers Starting Rate

Common Formats of Camcorder Tapes, Cassette Tapes, or DVD/CD discs



16mm, 8mm, and Super8 Movie Film Reels*


per foot

*Minimum order for movie film reel transfers is $200


Photo Scans

Loose prints, shoeboxes of pictures, albums, and scrapbooks


Film Scans

35mm, 120, APS, 126, 127, 110 


Slide Scanning

35mm, 126 


Document Scanning

Letters, Personal Documents, Business Documents, Newspaper, Coloring Pages, and Posters


Video Tape Transfers

VHS, VHS-C, Video8, MiniDV 


Movie Film Transfers

8mm, Super8, 16mm


DVD Transfer

Camcorders which recorded to Mini DVD and Video tapes already transferred to DVD can be digitized.


Cassette Tapes

Regular Cassettes and Micro Cassettes


Digital Photo Restoration

Torn, damaged, faded, dusty images can be scanned and then individually restored digitally. Additionally, backgrounds could be changed or even have people added or removed. 

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